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RE: Binary files ends up as a text file during checkout

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Binary files ends up as a text file during checkout
Date: Tue, 6 May 2008 11:19:09 +1000


> I know you mentioned that CVSNT repositories are not 
> compatible with CVS 
> 1.11/1.12.  

Yes - it's not compatible.  

> Can you elaborate on that?  

As in if you have Oracle 10 installed on windows and you move your
database to linux running Oracle 8 - it's not compatible.  Or more
specifically: it's as if you are running Oracle 10 on Windows and you
move your database to Linux running Sybase 11 - it's not compatible.

It's only bad luck that CVS 1.12 and CVSNT 2.x share three characters of
a name, other than that they are unrelated.  CVSNT server is compatible
with CVS clients, meaning CVS 1.11 and CVS 1.12 clients can connect to
it and checkout/checkin etc.  CVSNT 2.x server is not compatible with
CVS 1.12 server and it was never designed to be.

If you had PVCS installed on windows - you would not expect to be able
to copy the repository to linux and use it with CVS 1.12 server -
likewise you should not expect a CVSNT repository to work with CVS.

> I was able to check 
> out the my 
> CVSNT repository once I moved it over to my CVS 1.12.13 Ubuntu Server 
> without a problem except for the binary/text issue I mentioned.  Is 
> there anything else thats not compatible or will be an issue for me?

No idea - probably many things - most specifically features you were
possibly using before wont work, including access control, rename,
audit, merge tracking, merging (because it uses merge tracking),
changesets, user defined change sets, file encoding (including unicode,
linux and windows line endings because they are stored at the revision
level in CVSNT not the file level as in CVS), SCM modes: reserved,
binary delta revisions, and many more.  

I have no idea how your organisation uses CVSNT and the history of the
repository so I've no idea when or how it will break.

CVSNT runs fine under linux, much simpler just to install CVSNT and be
sure you are not losing data or features.

Regardless - this is not the forum to discuss CVSNT (this is a CVSNT
problem not a CVS problem) and I get enough complaints about answering
CVSNT questions on this newsgroup as it is.  Please contact the correct



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