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RE: .cvsignore not ignoring directories with CVS subdirectories

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: .cvsignore not ignoring directories with CVS subdirectories
Date: Sat, 17 May 2008 07:31:56 +1000

> We would like to be able to checkout testlib as a 
> subdirectory of testapp,
> without making testlib a part of testapp.
> \testapp
> \testapp\source.c
> \testapp\.cvsignore
> \testapp\CVS
> \testapp\CVS\Entries
> \testapp\testlib
> \testapp\testlib\source.c
> \testapp\testlib\CVS
> \testapp\testlib\CVS\Entries

Did you use backslashes because you are using windows?  If so: are you
sure you are using CVS not CVSNT?  If you are using CVSNT please send
your post to the CVSNT forum which is the correct place for CVSNT

CVSNT is NOT a windows product (though most windows 'cvs' users are
CVSNT users) - it runs on linux/unix/mac/win and is a different tool to
CVS so it's important that you ask the right forum.

What you are describing is a common requirement from organisations that
previously used Visual SourceSafe and how to support it has been
discussed on the newsgroup before.


Arthur Barrett

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