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RE: cvs && xemacs

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: cvs && xemacs
Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 05:42:46 +1000

> The reason I ask is that AFAIK 
> the CVSNT client and cygwin 
> cvs client may (probably) do not
> interact well together in the 
> same sandbox, AND the messages 
> below look like you are sharing a sandbox.

The same person is having a parallel discussion on the CVSNT group - but about 
the CVSROOT string not about the workflow.

At some point the person has definitely used the WinCVS "CVSROOT string wizard" 
which creates odd CVSROOT strings and that is the core of the original problem. 
 However WinCVS does not HAVE to use CVSNT client - though it usually does 
(wheras TortoiseCVS must use CVSNT client to work properly), so it could be 
that this person is using cygwin cvs only in which case the 'problem' is mostly 
about getting the CVSROOT string correct.  

Before we continue I think we need to know the exact cvs version being used on 
client and server as reported by cvs --version.



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