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RE: To get some information regarding CVS

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: To get some information regarding CVS
Date: Sat, 24 May 2008 12:59:14 +1000

Lana & Varun,
You've each asked the same question on the same newsgroup at the same time and have the same domain in your e-mail address.  Any chance you can co-ordinate a little ;)
You don't need to know how the information is stored - just use the commands provided and CVS server manages all the rest for you. 
If you are writing a client - just call the client executable to do your work for you (or if you are philosophically indisposed to not calling executables - you are probably a java programmer and can use one of the many many pre-existing java client libraries).  A client does not need to access the repository directly and does not need the information you are asking for (the client uses the open CVS protocol).
If you are wanting to write some sort of tool that extracts information from a CVS repository - use the CVS client to do that for you with commands like 'cvs log' and 'cvs export' - never ever ever try and read a repository directly - it's the job of the CVS server to do that.
If you need to know how to perform a specific task using the CVS client interface - please read the manual.
If you've read the manual, trying to achieve a specific task and have difficulties understanding the result - please post your question and the exact commands you are using and there are many here who can help.
Arthur Barrett
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Subject: To get some information regarding CVS



Can u give me a brief idea about how the following items are stored in CVS in the server?



Revision History

Code Check Ins

Check In Notes


Check in  information,

Metadata used to store all information about the project, user etc...




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