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Re: Changing CVS Command line.

From: Lummoxx
Subject: Re: Changing CVS Command line.
Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 11:34:18 -0400

> Um, DO WHAT?
> you are indicating that you(r company) had RH customize a kernel for a
> server destined for long service and the system configuration management at
> your company allowed both your company and RH to loose the change?  It
> surprises me that RH did not deliver an src.rpm for the change as well as
> the binary version. (BTW have you asked RH if they still have THE change
> made?)

I know, neat, huh?  I can't contact RH directly for it, since I'm not
associated with the corporate RH account, I have to go through our IS,
and that...isn't working.  Luckily, this server is going to be in
production for only a few more hours, it'll be non-production long
before the gears of change turn far enough to make any headway on

> And as for as building on the production machine, where is the clone that is
> a test machine? And sometimes things just have to be done.

We're migrating to a new server this weekend, so I've simply suspended
new projects on the old server for now.  The test machine is still
running as a clone of the old server.

> Option A: don't use pserver,

The good news is, on the new server, only anonymous checkouts are
going to be using pserver.  All authenticated access is via :ext:.
But most projects still allow anonymous checkouts, so I must be
prepared for thousands of projects being listed on the cvs command
line.  The pserver risks have been evaluated, and the powers that be
accept them.  I also expect a lot of inertia, and people continuing to
use CVS because they have been for years.  I have to assume that my
number of CVS projects will continue to grow, and if not continue to
be a problem today, will again become a problem later down the road.
If that doesn't happen, great, but I can't count on it.

Hence, my request that a developer take pity on me, and do the voodoo
that they do, and add "--ar" as an alternative to "--allow-root" to
the main CVS package.  That way I won't have to redo my hack every
time I upgrade CVS.

> Option B: reduce the number of roots you need to allow

We just provide the service.  People are allowed to sign up, create a
project, and start developing.  They manage their own projects, I just
provide the technical support to the server and software they use to
manage their projects.

> Option C: figure out what sourceforge/savannah did... they have lots of cvs
> roots and yet don't have this problem.

I've done some googling, but with migration to the new server 5.5
hours away...just no time.


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