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Re: CVS Command Line

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: CVS Command Line
Date: Sat, 31 May 2008 19:26:47 -0600
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Lummoxx wrote:
> > They've all arrived.
> Sorry for the bombardment.

There are a number of reasons for mailing list delays.  The lists
system may have been offline for memory upgrades that have been
recently occuring on some machines on the network.  Or may have been overloaded with spam (the machines
are the target of so much spam that at times it amounts to a denial of
service attack) and everything delayed while the backlog was

If you were a new subscriber to the list then all new subscribers to
GNU mailing lists are initially moderated as a spam prevention
measure.  In which case a human needed to review the message to ensure
that you were a human and not a spambot.  Spambot attacks have been
frequent lately.  Once the initial contact has been established then
subsequent communication occurs without delay.  If your account has
previously been a subscriber but has also been sending spam because of
virus infection or forged addresses or whatever then your account will
be moderated to prevent future spam on the mailing lists.

It is all a very imperfect process but within the limits of what
software is installed and running it is the best process that we have
in order to keep the mailing lists as usable as possible.

Speaking as one of the listhelpers.

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