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RE: cvs 1.11.23 executable available for Windows?

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: cvs 1.11.23 executable available for Windows?
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008 09:21:31 +1000


Thanks for your comments.

> > However if there is some behaviour in CVSNT that precludes it being
> > used on windows as an effective CVS 1.11.x client I'd like to know
> Yes: The non-ability to install and run CVSNT as non-administrator. I
> cannot even use it locally as CVSNT 2.5 does not support the LockDir
> anymore, but I must install the "LockServer". (Yes, it might have some
> advantages to use a Lockserver; but I want to have a choice.)

You CAN install CVSNT as non-administrator.

You CAN use CVSNT locally without installing the "LockServer".

CVSNT 2.5 does still support LockDir (though it is not recommended, some
would say deprecated).

An unprivileged user (non-administrator) CAN run the lockserver (this is
how we handle the :local: mode by default).

If you or anyone else is having difficulties with installing and using
CVSNT then the correct course of action is to contact the CVSNT

As Mark pointed out the CVS 1.11.x windows port does not include the
server and any disucssion about LockDir or "LockServer" is only related
to the server functions, so this does not appear to be a logical
explanation of Nelson's reason for needing a CVS 1.11.x port.  If you
are running locally with :local: then you do not install cvslock.exe (or
cvslockd) as a service, if you are 'simply' running the client then you
do not need cvslock.exe even on the computer.

We provide a ZIP file of the CVSNT executables to that users who do not
like the 'blind faith' MSI installer can copy the files manually,
however using the MSI 'custom' install button you can deselect the items
that would require administrator privilege.

> I just have had this at work, where I wanted to help a 
> co-worker, and it
> is really bad for him. He cannot install CVSNT, as he is not 
> allowed to.
> cvs.exe from cvshome is an option for him, as it does not need to be
> installed.

CVSNT does not need to be installed either.

Our current testing release 2.5.04 certainly needs some testing in this
area - but the current stable 2.5.03 definitely does work by simply
copying the ZIP file to the disk (I do this at least twice a week at the

Also speaking of the 2.5.04 testing release - it has a separate 'client'
and 'server' install package - this was done since you are not the only
one to take offence at the 'client/server combined' package installing a
server by default.

Thanks again for your comments - they really provide great insight for
me into the thought process of someone looking at our project from
'outside', and this was a large part of the reason for my post - to find
out if there were perhaps misconceptions about the CVSNT package.  There
is of course no point in asking anyone 'what are your misconceptions'
(if they knew they wouldn't be misconceptions).   

Even if Nelson did the porting work on CVS 1.11.x and now finds he did
not NEED to I am sure that we are all still glad that he DID do it.


Arthur Barrett

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