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Setting server and client for the same source code on same machine

From: Kiran Kamble
Subject: Setting server and client for the same source code on same machine
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 15:41:49 +0530

Hi All,


Currently we are accessing our CVS server at our customer end. Since we have only one port open for committing to the customer server, multiple users cannot access thus one person has to manually take all the files from entire team and put them onto the client machine and then commit.


Proposed Strategy:

To overcome the issue we were thinking of making the client machine of customer CVS as the server for the local area network. This way all the team would commit to the “local server” from where it will be then committed to the customer server. This will make the process simple and automated reducing the manual errors in the process.


In short can we use the same machine which will act as a client to the customer CVS server and a local server for the local area network for the same source code? Could there be any issues in this kind of a model? It is important from our perspective and we are keen on getting this implemented.



Kiran Kamble


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