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Performance issue with tag

From: Mike Fleetwood
Subject: Performance issue with tag
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 09:58:57 +0100


I have a performance issue with the tag operation.

Few repository stats:

Top level directories (modules) ~ 2900

Version controlled files ~ 65000

Repository size ~ 14.3 GB

Tags (lines in CVSROOT/val-tags) ~ 133000

Repository is on AIX 5.3 using CVS 1.12.13.  It is uses exclusively
through pserver.

The tag operation on a single module, of < 100 files, takes between 15
seconds and a few minutes.  When the command takes a long time the
lock CVSROOT/#cvs.val-tags.lock can be seen.  Example output from a
longer run:

address@hidden w]$ date; cvs -d
'' rtag dummy_tag
mfleetwo_test; date

Thu Aug  7 16:19:48 BST 2008

cvs rtag: Tagging mfleetwo_test

cvs rtag: Tagging mfleetwo_test/DBDXML

cvs rtag: [15:20:08] waiting for cvsprod's lock in /opt/cvs/prod_dept/CVSROOT

cvs rtag: [15:20:38] waiting for cvsprod's lock in /opt/cvs/prod_dept/CVSROOT

cvs rtag: [15:21:08] obtained lock in /opt/cvs/prod_dept/CVSROOT

cvs rtag: Tagging mfleetwo_test/REPORTS

cvs rtag: Tagging mfleetwo_test/SDL

Thu Aug  7 16:21:38 BST 2008

All other cvs operations only take a second or two.  Can anybody
suggest anything to improve tag performance to a similar level?



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