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RE: Is there any way to tell CVS update to show file revisions

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Is there any way to tell CVS update to show file revisions
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 13:17:22 +1000

>  I forgot to mention that we're a Windows shop and 
> use WinCVS and CVSNT mostly

There are separate newsgroups for both CVSNT and WinCVS - check the web
sites for the links or look at the bottom of this e-mail after my
signature.  Todd knows a lot about 'non-gnu CVS' but nothing much about
CVSNT, and 'non-gnu CVS' is generally used on unix so the answers you
get here will generally rely on CVS only commands and also rely on unix
commands like grep and sed and awk.

> , so when I do an update or pull based on a 
> label or tag, I get a very crude list of files 
> with no details and the detail is in WinCVS gui. 
> So I downloaded the free standing cvs.exe 

There is already a cvs.exe on your system before you downloaded another
- you can even see WinCVS executing the cvs.exe commands in the command
window.  Cvs.exe is usually in the same folder as WinCVS (but does not
need to be).

> and gnu command tools and I may be able to write 
> use your scripts to get what I need. 

Except you probably do not need those scripts - if you just ask on the
correct newsgroup or read the cvsnt manual you will find that CVSNT will
provide a list of file revisions very easily, eg (I haven't really
looked at your question so this is just a guess and no substitute for
asking in the correct place):

cvs rls -lq path/on/server


Arthur Barrett

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WinCVS newsgroup:

TortoiseCVS newsgroup:

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