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RE: Is there any way to tell CVS update to show file revisions

From: Res Pons
Subject: RE: Is there any way to tell CVS update to show file revisions
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 17:03:38 -0700

Thanks for all your help guys.

> Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 09:40:39 -0400
> From: address@hidden
> To: address@hidden
> CC: address@hidden; address@hidden
> Subject: Re: Is there any way to tell CVS update to show file revisions
> Arthur Barrett wrote, On 08/26/2008 11:17 PM:
> >
> >> I forgot to mention that we're a Windows shop and
> >> use WinCVS and CVSNT mostly
> >
> > There are separate newsgroups for both CVSNT and WinCVS - check the web
> > sites for the links or look at the bottom of this e-mail after my
> > signature. Todd knows a lot about 'non-gnu CVS' but nothing much about
> > CVSNT,
> I'm hurt ... you know me too well :).
> Though pretty much everything the normal cvs does, CVSNT does as well, so in
> general my answers (using cvs commands) should work. The problem comes when I
> suggest running those commands inside of Unix scripts, which I did for my
> previous answer.
> > and 'non-gnu CVS' is generally used on unix so the answers you
> > get here will generally rely on CVS only commands and also rely on unix
> > commands like grep and sed and awk.
> >
> >> , so when I do an update or pull based on a
> >> label or tag, I get a very crude list of files
> >> with no details and the detail is in WinCVS gui.
> >> So I downloaded the free standing cvs.exe
> >
> > There is already a cvs.exe on your system before you downloaded another
> > - you can even see WinCVS executing the cvs.exe commands in the command
> > window. Cvs.exe is usually in the same folder as WinCVS (but does not
> > need to be).
> >
> IIRC, CVSNT (or wincvs) includes a copy of I would suggest running
> it with the options -r -t and see if it gives you _closer_ to what you want
> with out having to write any other scripts (assuming some one on the CVSNT
> list has not given you a CVSNT command to get the answers yet). If the person
> who has been maintaining is keeping up with the perl version, you
> may be able to have output an XML file that you can parse in MANY ways.
> >
> >> and gnu command tools and I may be able to write
> >> use your scripts to get what I need.
> >
> > Except you probably do not need those scripts - if you just ask on the
> > correct newsgroup or read the cvsnt manual you will find that CVSNT will
> > provide a list of file revisions very easily, eg (I haven't really
> > looked at your question so this is just a guess and no substitute for
> > asking in the correct place):
> >
> > cvs rls -lq path/on/server
> >
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