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RE: CVS and Active Directory

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: CVS and Active Directory
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 23:31:02 +1000


There are two approaches - one uses CVS and PServer (which is what you are 
asking about) and the other uses CVSNT (yes it runs on Solaris) and a protocol 
called SSPI.  

The SSPI technique results in encrypted "login free" transactions from 
Windows/PC clients (same as "net use" does) by passing the login token of the 
logged in user to the server.

Wiith the PServer technique you will need to use "cvs login" which usually 
results in the password being stored in a file (or in the case of windows the 
registry) in an insecure/trivially encoded format).

If you are looking for a "login free" solution then you will need to switch to 
CVSNT on your Solaris server and Windows/PC clients (you probably already are 
using CVSNT on the Windows PC clients) and direct your questions to the CVSNT 
newsgroup.  I've personally used this on Linux but not on Solaris though it 
should work identically.

According to google search (search for "cvs pam" without the 
quotes) the PAM support in CVS 1.12.13 (the unstable version) is experimental.  
PAM support (for CVS PSERVER access) as well as SSPI support has been in stable 
CVSNT releases for a few years at least.

CVSNT Newsgroup details are on


Arthur Barrett

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From:   address@hidden on behalf of Ganesh 2 Subramanian
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Subject:        CVS and Active Directory


We are trying to setup authentication of CVS against Active Directory. 

I did a google , from what I understand, that the CVS can be authenticated 
active directory by modifying the PAM settings (pam.conf) for CVS. I would 
like to know in detail the steps/settings change we need to follow to make 
this work.

Current CVS set up

CVS Version - 1.11.21 (client/server)

OS - CVS installed in Sun solaris server.

Authentication - Uses pserver mechanism  for authentication. Passwords are 
currently stored in passwd file.

Please provide us the changes/modifications needed for the current set up 
to authenticate against Active directory.

Thanks in advance!
>  >  >  >  >  >  >  > 
Ganesh Subramanian


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