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Re: Controlling Dev/Test/Live scenario in CVS

From: Paul Sander
Subject: Re: Controlling Dev/Test/Live scenario in CVS
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 08:22:18 -0700

The "submit/assemble" method also implements a promotion system. It has the advantages that it doesn't rely on cross-branch merges, submissions are reversible, and the output is the actual code written by the developers. The disadvantages are that bug fixes are harder to control if submissions significantly lag behind the head of the branch, and the submission histories are stored separately from the file histories.

You can find the algorithms in the archives of this mailing list by searching for the following message ID number: address@hidden

On Aug 28, 2008, at 2:33 PM, Arthur Barrett wrote:


I've replied in more detail off-group.

You can certainly implement promotion models in CVS - we use 'special' brances for this purpose, they are just 'normal' branches but with different access control and processes around them to ensure that they work correctly (we also use CVSNT on linux/unix/ windows rather than CVS for it's in built access control). Promoting to branches rather than using tags has the added advantage that it tracks who/when things are promoted. Finally (if you want to) you can set up "triggers" on the server that update particular sandboxes for automated build/test/deploy when items are promoted (a bit like separate libraries on the iSeries).

You can also use CVS on the iSeries (through PASE or QSH) or use a product like our company sells which works with Source Physical Files and is integrated into the native iSeries environment, commands (LOGINCVS, CHKOUTCVS, CHKINCVS etc), and also PDM commands like CI.


Arthur Barrett

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Subject: Controlling Dev/Test/Live scenario in CVS


This may be an obvious question, so bear with me on this because I am very new to CVS and how it can be used.

Our current situation is we have an RPG source on an iSeries server controlled by Turnover so we can control what items are in Dev, Test and Prod etc. we can control what is promoted when and it's easy to cut off at a particular point to do a build.

We also have a Java front end that we use CVS for, now we only use HEAD while developing and when we do a build of a new version we tag with that build number.

Here in lies the problem, the developers promote to HEAD all day without the changes being tested but when we do a build we have to build from HEAD and there may be some changes made in HEAD that have not been tested and promoted in Turnover. So now we have to promote things in Turnover that may not have been tested, just to match the client software so we have a stable product (in theory!!).

How can CVS allow us to control the Java source in the same way as Turnover does on the iSeries?

Thanks, Andrew.

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