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CVS sets read-only attributes on *.tcl, *.cpp and *.java files

From: Hrachya Aghajanyan
Subject: CVS sets read-only attributes on *.tcl, *.cpp and *.java files
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2008 10:09:52 +0400


I am running into an issue with cvs update and cvs add commands. When I run them, the file attributes for *.tcl, *.cpp, and *.java files change to read-only.

I have checked the IDEs for any option that enables committing the files as read-only. All options are checked off. There's also nothing suspicious in the system settings. I have checked that no $CVSREAD environment variable is set or the global option -r with the commands. I use the client-server Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.11.5

I do not use watch on/off commands, as well as the umask value is correct.

Any ideas on what's going on with my CVS?

Thanks much!

Thanks much,
Hrachya Aghajanyan
Sr. Software Engineer
Virage Logic Corp.
tel.: +374 10 591862
fax: +374 10 591833
mobile: +374 93 670583

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