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Re: Deleting or Renaming a Branch

From: Jake Colman
Subject: Re: Deleting or Renaming a Branch
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2008 18:33:43 -0500
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>>>>> "AB" == Arthur Barrett <address@hidden> writes:

   AB> Jake,

   >> So after I do this command, I would then go to any existing
   >> PROJECTX sandboxes and do a 'cvs update' command?  I use the HEAD
   >> sandbox to move the branch tag but then refresh any existing
   >> PROJECTX sandboxes so that it gets the correct revisions?

   AB> Yes.

I executed the command

cvs tag -F -b MAINT01 

from a HEAD sandbox and got a bazillion messages like this:

cvs tag: prodDB/Valuables/CURRENT_FUTURE.SP500: Not moving branch tag `MAINT01' 
from 1.15 to
cvs tag: prodDB/Valuables/CURRENT_FUTURE.TOPIX: Not moving branch tag `MAINT01' 
from 1.12 to

I did a 'cvs status' on a MAINT01 sandbox and, sure enough, no files
have been updated.

By the way, we are at cvs v1.11.6.

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