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RE: CVS Client via WEB

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: CVS Client via WEB
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2008 12:58:28 +1100

> I found a software called JCVS. It works like a a 
> CVS client via WEB?

No - it is just WinCVS written in Java rather than C/C++

> Answers:

Thanks - it's good to know - helps us understand how people may want to use the 

> 2) why not use TortoiseCVS client / why does it
> have to be web based?
> Answer: because i have 4 development teams 
> across the country working on specific software
>  developments at a same time and sometimes
>  its impossible to install client programs on
> some customer environments (desktops).

Certainly TortoiseCVS requires an 'install' - but if you are working on a 
computer for a while then getting TortoiseCVS installed shouldn't be too 
difficult.  WinCVS's GUI is a bit complex (not as 'simple' as TortoiseCVS) but 
you should be able to 'simply' copy the WinCVS and CVSNT (the client) binaries 
from one computer to a USB disk and most corporate firewalls have SSH (port 22) 
open and you can use the CVSNT :ssh: protocol which doesn't require any 
fiddling about with SSH clients to work OK.

Contact the CVSNT or WinCVS newsgroups about those projects - don't ask 
questions about them here.

> we already use MS Sharepoint to Chekin and 
> Checkout documents across WEB.

Sharepoint does this a couple of ways:
1) via webdav by 'mapping' http://server/path to h: drive (or whatever)
2) via a web form

Option 2 is not so useful for CVS projects since there tends to be a LOT of 
files in a single project under version control and checking out each file via 
a web form would be painful.  A variation could be for the server to ZIP the 
whole 'sandbox' and allow you to download that from a web form.

Option 1 is available with EVS/CM Server (previously known as CVSNT 3.1) - join 
the mailing list for EVS (see if you are interested in that 
option (a evaluation installer and migrate utility for SVN and CVS projects 
will be available soon - currently overdue by a few weeks...)

Thanks again for the feedback - good for me to know.


Arthur Barrett

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