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EVS stable (works with SVN, CVS, CVSNT clients) released

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: EVS stable (works with SVN, CVS, CVSNT clients) released
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2008 12:44:16 +1100

Slightly off topic, and purposefully short post to announce the first
stable release of EVS (previously known as CVSNT 3.1) with support for
CVS, CVSNT, Subversion, WebDAV and HTTP clients with a SQL database

Currently the server only runs on Windows with SQL Server, but the
codebase is cross platforms so it's just a matter of time and effort
before other platforms begin to appear.  The value proposition is
cost/benefits gained from consolidating multiple SCM systems though
allowing teams to work using the tools they find most productive without
sacrificing entperise requirements such as Audit, file/branch Access
Control, user defined change sets and failsafe rollback.

The release is planned for February and will have a much richer web
interface including support for workflows.  Other 'near term' features
include multi-site/branch-location control, VSTS client support,
distributed client support and more.

Have a happy new year!


Arthur Barrett

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