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RE: Not able to create the CVS Users

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Not able to create the CVS Users
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 17:07:51 +1100

Rajesh T. John,

Please post CVSNT questions to the CVSNT newsgroup.

You have already tried to post this question several times o the CVSNT
mailing list and your questions have 'bounced' becase they violated
mailing list policy (too large), and you have received requests to:
1) not post images
2) post the ENTIRE text of the command and error (cut & pate the text
not the image of the command window)
3) send your e-mail in plain text (in outlook go to the View menu)
4) read the FAQ:

For reference, the CVSNT mailing lists are here:


Arthur Barrett

-----Original Message-----
From: address@hidden
[mailto:address@hidden On
Behalf Of Thappeta Rajesh
Sent: Thursday, 22 January 2009 2:08 PM
To: address@hidden
Subject: Not able to create the CVS Users

I am getting the following error message while creating the new CVS
Users even though I have the Admin privileges.
What might be the reason? Could you kindly help me out.
Thanks and Regards,
| Rajesh T. John | ANDES Migration| Tech Mahindra |

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