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How I can download all cvs repository?

From: Alexandr Vladykin
Subject: How I can download all cvs repository?
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2009 19:13:44 +0300

Hello info-cvs,

I have an access to a CVS repository - login and password. I can
checkout info, commit, update etc. I can do it only from one
computer at office. But I want to have a copy of
all of the repository at home.
So I'll can have all info about changes in CVS, checkout any tagged
version etc at home, not at work.

How I can do it? I can not ask admin to copy me files of CVS

Now I think to write a script for checkout all file revisions and
by once commit it into my local CVS repository. But if I'll do so,
I'll lose any info about date, when this file revision was commited and who
was commited it.

May be you have any idea?

Best regards,
 Alexandr                          mailto:address@hidden

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