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Re: "cvs rtag -D" not working with removed files?

From: Daniel Kabs
Subject: Re: "cvs rtag -D" not working with removed files?
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2009 12:13:47 +0100
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On Tuesday 27 January 2009, Larry Jones wrote:
> > Unfortunately that does not tag files that have been removed in HEAD
> > revision. Nevertheless, those files _did_ exist at the time in the -D
> > option and were still available in the attic.
> Have you tried adding the -a flag?

I would have never tried -a, if you hadn't referred me to it. The help 
says about this option "clear tag from removed files" so I thought this 
option would only remove tags from files.

Now I tried 

   cvs rtag -a -D '2008-12-01 10:00' branch_name module_name

and it does the trick. I tested this by 
a) creating a tag by date using "rtag -a -D"  
b) checking out by date and tagging the working copy

If I checkout tags created using a) or b), the working copies do not 
differ any more. Great! Thanks a alot!

The only difference I see is that
- using a) files that had been deleted by the given time get the tag on 
the dead revision, where as 
- using b) deleted files do not get the tag.

This may make a difference if I "revive" dead revisions and later on use 
that tag for e.g. joining. Thus I will prefer the rtag approach over 
tagging the working copy. Is that a reasonable approach?


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