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**help needed for CVS**

From: Gupta, Richa (GE Healthcare, consultant)
Subject: **help needed for CVS**
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2009 08:53:08 -0500

I am using CVS for maintaining versions of my code.
I had recently joined this project and my colleague gave me a code for some changes.
That piece of code was checked-out by him on his machine.
I made the changes in code and when i went to check-in the code in CVS from my machine, I found that its asking my colleague's password for checking-in.
Now my colleague has left the project and in no way i can use his password.
Also the code changes are very large in number, so I do not want to take a risk of doing them again in new code checked out by me.
As the code was checked-out by my colleague on his machine and I am trying to check-in through my machine and hence the problem.
Please tell me if there is any way that my problem can be solved.
I will be really grateful.
Thanks & Regards,
Richa Gupta

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