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RE: merge question

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: merge question
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2009 09:15:21 +1100


> At a previous job we used ClearCase (very 
> different model from CVS) and didn't have 
> these phony confilcts, so I expected that 
> CVS would have some way to avoid them as well.

I've used both ClearCase and CVS and there are no significant
differences between the merging capabilities.

All the problems usually encountered by ClearCase users switching to CVS
can be easily sorted out - may I suggest you talk to your new company
not about ClearCase vs. CVS but about paying for quality software
distributions, consulting, training, support and not paying for quality
software distributions, consulting, training, support...

Merging with WinCVS should be extremely easy, so mentioning that it is
painful indicates that you've probably got some fundamental problems.
This is not really the correct forum for discussing WinCVS - WinCVS has
it's own forum on yahoogroups - go to the winCVS web site to find the
link.  It's a little complex since you are probably using WinCVS GUI,
CVS server and CVSNT client (it ships with WinCVS by default) - so
finding which component (if any) is acting up is rather complex.

And finally - there are many features of WinCVS that only work with
CVSNT (eg: merge tracking, automatic merge points, merging changesets
etc etc) so using a CVSNT server (yes it is free/GPL just like CVS, yes
it runs on linux just like CVS) is probably going to improve some of
these bugbears (but of course you should test and preferably get some
expert help and training).


Arthur Barrett

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