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CVS Unix to Linux Migration

From: Rez
Subject: CVS Unix to Linux Migration
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2009 21:49:40 -0800

Hi Everyone
I'm in the midst of migrating our current repository from an old Solaris box to a new Redhat(CentOS 5.2) linux box.
CVS is installed, configured, and all set up on the new server.  Users have been re-created and setup in /etc/passwd.  I created a test Repo and from a Windows client machine using WinCVS I managed to connect via the pserver method and checkout a project/module successfully.
Could someone please tell me:
1- if the migration is more involved than simply tarballing the repository from the old server and untarring and mounting it on the new server?  Meaning, the repository is independent and not affected by the old OS in any way as far as file system or formatting or any other thing go.  What else do I need to do on the old server to prepare?
2- Because it's a migration by way of untarring, do I still need to execute "cvs -d /repo/path init" since the existing repo already contains the CVSROOT directory?
3- Also, I would like to get rid of some old projects in the repository before I migrate it, we don't need the history and don't need to save them, so could I just log into the old server as Admin and do an rm or mv command (carefully of course) w/o trashing or corrupting the repository?
Thanks all

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