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Re: Managing only a few files in a directory tree?

From: pmts
Subject: Re: Managing only a few files in a directory tree?
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2009 13:42:46 -0800 (PST)

I should also have said that I did a "cvs checkout blah blah blah" right
after the "cvs import blah blah blah"...


pmts wrote:
> Hi, Todd --
>   Thanks for your thorough & prompt reply!
>   I used a variant of #3, which worked very well:  I stopped the services
> offered by the software suite, renamed the top-level directory for the
> software suite, created a new empty directory with the old name, cd'ed
> into it, did a "cvs import blah blah blah" of nothing, moved the contents
> from the renamed directory to this one, and then used "cvs add blah blah
> blah" a bunch of times to descend to the directories containing the needed
> config files, and then did "cvs add blah blah blah" to add said config
> files.  Now I have (only) the needed config files under version control in
> a CVS repository far, far away.
>   Thanks again for the great advice!
> Don

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