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Problem updating from a different repository

From: Euro Transmit, S.L. - Michael
Subject: Problem updating from a different repository
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2009 12:30:09 +0100
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I'm a CVS newbie and having problems working with two different repositories on the same working copy.

1. I have a working copy checked out from a local repository (REP2 under /cvsroot).
2. Now I would like to update this copy of the module from a remote repository (REP1 remote server under /home/cvsroot). It is a repository where I don't have a write privilege, but where the actual HEAD version is contained. My local repository is just for keeping track of minor changes I apply to the source.

After having read the docs and the archives to this list, I still don't understand how I could update my working copy from the main repository (REP1). Whenever I try this, I get a "cannot open directory" error.

Is it because of the different relative locations (/cvsroot <> /home/cvsroot) of the repositories.

Thanks in advance for any hints!


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