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RE: Tricky update

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Tricky update
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 05:57:20 +1100

> I'm looking for a way to make an update on a project with a single
> command(it would be nice if it was just a "cvs update") which makes a
> regular update(-Pd) for almost all of the files in project and
> overwrite update(-C) for a small subset of all files. The goal is that
> the end user of repository does not have to do these updates manually

In CVSNT (GPL like CVS, runs in linux like CVS) you'd set the 'small
number of files' to be 'static' with cvs update -ks filename.ext; cvs ci
-f -m "change to static" filename.ext.  This is a special CVSNT
keyword-mode that means that whenever the file changes all users should
get the change - however when a user makes a change to a static file it
is not committed to the repository in the 'normal' way (you need to do a
'force commit').

In CVS I don't know how you'd do this.



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