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Re: Error: 'setgid failed: Operation not permitted' - CVS on Linux

From: Gaurav Chhabra
Subject: Re: Error: 'setgid failed: Operation not permitted' - CVS on Linux
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 12:32:49 +0530

Hi Arthur,
Thanks for all the clarification.
> We are using CVSNT 2.5.03 Build 2382 as our CVS server on Windows XP Pro SP2.
>>You CANNOT migrate from CVSNT to CVS - attempting to use a CVSNT repository on CVS may result in irreparable loss of data.
>>CVSNT is available for Linux - I suggest you use CVSNT for linux instead.
==>By the way, I am not going to migrate existing CVSNT code from Windows to Linux machine. I am just trying my hands on installing CVS/CVSNT on Linux. Anyways, thanks for the advice Arthur. I'll go for CVSNT now instead of CVS.

> .....which means that you can't use 'normal system permissions' to control access to various parts of the repository. Are you referring to 'lsacl' commands and the like?
>>Do you mean the AIX command 'lsacl' or the CVSNT command 'cvs lsacl'?
>>CVS does not have a 'cvs lsacl' command - that is CVSNT specific.
>>I believe Larry was talking about the 'lsacl' command (like in AIX) - an operating system command not a CVS command.
==>Yeah! I was actually referring to CVSNT 'lsacl' command. I have no idea about AIX command 'lsacl'.

> Windows & Linux. Can you suggest me a Linux client and a Windows client? For Windows, will WinCVS/Tortoise CVS be OK?
>>WinCVS and TortoiseCVS are not windows clients - they are windows GUI's that still require a windows client: either CVS or CVSNT. Note: TortoiseCVS has many features that are CVSNT specific (eg: revision graphs that show mergepoints only works if you use CVSNT server and
==>Thanks again for clearing the confusion. Actually, I read somewhere (might be on their website) that they are just GUI's and the commands are passed to 'cvs.exe' which in turn, connects to the server (if I'm not wrong). I think I just forgot this point.

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