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Re: Script Help

From: Todd Denniston
Subject: Re: Script Help
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2009 13:17:29 -0500
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BTW, Your replies are a little better now. Thanks for changing what ever it was.

Rez P wrote, On 02/24/2009 12:33 PM:
Thanks for taking time and your thorough explanation and examples. I usually do a general or selective update to my CVS working folders and get only the files that need to go into a build and tag the CVS module only if a build is successful.

So at this point we have *A* tag, that should match cvs_stat.log.

Then do a 'cvs -f stat > cvs_stat.log' which shows my working revisions vs. repo revisions and I then pack the generated file into the war file as a record. I was hoping that there was a way to generate a log that only shows my working copy files and their full path and their file revisions and I could do away with all the extra info that cvs -f stat generates.

Do you mean some kind of summary from 'cvs log' here?

I prefer to tag CVS after doing a build. What if the build keeps breaking?

keep making test tags, they are cheap.

Then each time until it's fixed, I have to do more steps tagging or moving the tags to the new fixed files as they're checked in, and many times I've forgotten to retag, therefore, fetching the wrong revs.

I think the fundamental difference you and I have here is that you do release builds from your sandbox.

I only do them from checked out tags[1]. which means I get my sandbox working, tag it (test_tag), move the the release build directory(RBD), clean the RBD, checkout based on the tag and build. If everything built and worked correctly in the RBD, I apply a release build tag (RBT) to the test_tag, and truly do a release from the RBT, i.e., I do another clean checkout, but using the RBT and release that. my method makes sure that everything is required for the build IS in CVS.

[1] When I am the Configuration Manager, I check out code, never make it. Making it all work together is the teams job, I'll let them know where they are failing in that task. BTW part of the reason I take this hard line build directory separation is that when I am working alone, it keeps me from making too many mistakes.

This method works for me better than tagging first then checking out based on a tag. Utlimately, shouldn't the files in a working folder which contributed to a successful build be tagged?

Which you can not guarantee if you did not check the tag out into a clean directory, i.e., there may be a file in your sandbox that is working and not yet in CVS.

I suppose either way results in the same outcome but the latter, as I described, leaves too much room for mistakes in my case it involves more work. Technically, if you tag a module in the repository first then check out based on the tag, what happens, does CVS take a quick snapshot of the repository state and then tags it and during this time no one can check out and repository transaction would be slightly slower than normal?

My script below does make one assumption about my group's work process:
1) on release days the head of the trunk or branch which we are releasing from, *SHALL* be:
        up to date,
        as we intend to release.
2) which has the following set of changes to work process:
If you are not involved in the code that is getting released, you'll either keep it in your sandbox or you'll make your own [sub]branch to work while we cut the release.
If you are involved in the code that is getting released,
        you'll check in only working code in the release trunk|branch
you will not experiment or work on future features while in the release trunk|branch.

Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2009 11:59:09 -0500
From: address@hidden
To: address@hidden
CC: address@hidden
Subject: Re: Script Help

Rez P wrote, On 02/23/2009 07:41 PM:
I'm curious as to how other build engineers keep a log, do you run cvs stat or cvs log also?
Is there a cvs command to print only the path and revsion
number without resotry to scripting?

I assume you are trying to have a method to pull back from CVS exactly what was built for a release.

1) use tags, they will make your life easier and sanity last longer.

2) use the following method:
cd /tmp/
cvs checkout baselinename
cvs tag build_tag_bla baselinename
cvs release -d baselinename

cd /where/you/usualy/make/release/builds
cvs checkout -rbuild_tag_bla baselinename
#and for your method of sanity, even though it is no longer needed.
cvs -f stat | grep "Repository revision" | gawk '{print $4 " " $3}'
cd baselinename
make\ant\buildsystem world

sleep better. :)

I have posted partial scripts to this list in the past for doing part of this work.
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Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC Crane)
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