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CVS tags

From: ziggy25
Subject: CVS tags
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2009 07:44:01 -0800 (PST)

Hi guys, 

I use a tool called merant PVCS on a windows environment. I have recently
been doing some work on Unix's CVS and im struggling to find out how to
produce a revision report. 

Using Merant PVCS, i was able to produce a report with all files that have a
specific tag. For example the output could look something like this if i ask
it to generate a report for all files that have the "Fault365" tag. 


H:\services\pvcs.archives\src\N - ead\EDIREAD.C_v - Fault365 : 1.2
H:\services\pvcs.archives\src\N - ead\EDIREAD.H_v - Fault365 : 1.1
H:\services\pvcs.archives\src\N - end\edisend.c_v - Fault365 : 1.2


It basicaly just produces a report that lists all the files that have the
Fault365 tag and shows the path to the file name and what version it
currently is at. I am trying to produce a similar report on cvs on Unix and
cant do it. Is it possible? 

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