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issue with .png, .so, and .jar files...

From: Sameer Oak
Subject: issue with .png, .so, and .jar files...
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2009 19:32:41 +0530

Hello ALL,

I had a few .gif and .jpg files to be committed into CVS.
Initially, by mistake I did the following:

$ cvs commit project1/images/1.gif project1/images/2.jpg

Later, when I checked out the sources on the Windows XP-SP2 machine, I found that the images were garbled and couldn't be opened.
However, when I checked them out on my Linux FC-8, I could open them with no hassles.

I could fix this problem by doing the following:
$ cvs admin -kb project1/images/1.gif project1/images/2.jpg
$ cd /tmp
$ cvs co project1

I could very well open the images files.

Now I am facing the same problem with .png, .so, and .jar files on, both, windows XP-2 and Linux FC-8 machines. However, Debian 4.0 didn't have any problems.

I used following command to do that:
$ cvs commit -kb project2/images/1.png project2/lib/C/ project2/libJava/test.jar

It didn't solve my problem. So I resorted to the former way. I first committed without -kb switches. Later, I checked out the sources and issued following command:
$ cvs admin -kb project2/images/1.png project2/lib/C/ project2/libJava/test.jar

But still, it didn't solve my problem.

I am fighting to solve this problem for last 24 hours but no success till this far.
Kindly help me find the solution.

- sameer oak.

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