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Re: branch number is odd instead of even

From: tanager
Subject: Re: branch number is odd instead of even
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 07:56:54 -0700 (PDT)
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On Mar 12, 8:19 pm, Jim Hyslop <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> tanager wrote:
> > I am trying to convert a CVS repo to SVN.  I was surprised to get the
> > following warning messages:
> > WARNING: in '/cvs/cvsroot/os/linux/drivers/message/fusion/lsi/
> > mpi_cnfg.h,v':
> >    branch '1.1.1' already has name 'pio_v1220b1',
> >    cannot also have name 'kernel', ignoring the latter
> [...]
> > Is there any way for me to fix up the CVS repo before doing the next
> > conversion?  I am at 9000 warnings and counting.
> You can remove one of the two tags using 'cvs rtag -d ' followed by the
> tag you want to eliminate. Of course, judging from the warning message,
> it looks like cvs2svn has already done that for you :=)

That is the problem.  I do not want to remove either tag.  The one
called 'kernel' is a vendor tag (1.1.1, because we used the default).
The other one is a tag we created, using CVS, but somehow took the
number  This is why it is conflicting with the vendor tag
(because is the same as branch 1.1.1).

I would prefer not to lose the info that says where the file was
imported.  And, I do not want to lose the info on the 'pio_v1220b1'
branch.  That is why I was hoping there was some way I could make
these so they don't conflict.


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