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RE: CVS Best Practice: cvs in conjunction with nfs?

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: CVS Best Practice: cvs in conjunction with nfs?
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 20:58:00 +1100


> I have been using CVS with NFS for many years with SSH as a 
> bearer in a
> multi-country setup for a large telecom - I have not seen any 
> problems.
> Only problem seen has been lost lock files once in a while, 
> which had to 
> be removed. And we have had our fair share of network 
> trashing - as anyone 
> else has from time to time. Our bottleneck has not been cvs for sure.
> Our NFS servers are netapp boxes.
> So the other replies in the same thread puzzle me a bit.

Could be:
A) you are lucky
B) you haven't discovered the corruption yet
C) you are less likely to observe the problems due to a particular
software stack (as Larry explained)
D) you were lucky until shortly before that phone started ringing... ;)

I've been to plenty of sites that have been running CVS repositories
over NFS for 'years' that suddenly find corruption - I don't personally
know why it hits, but I know running on a SAN or a local disk doesn't
cause it.



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