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RE: How to communicate with CVS server via my application?

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: How to communicate with CVS server via my application?
Date: Tue, 5 May 2009 06:16:16 +1000

> I need to communicate with CVS server via my Visual Basic 
> application and
> perform following operations:
> 1.login to CVS server
> 2.checkout module on base tag from sub directory on repository path
> 3.achieve list of tagged version from this subdirectory
> can somebody explaim me how can I do it? Does exist some 
> suitable library?
> On my system the cvsservice and cvclock processes are running 
> and I have
> installed Wincvs application to communicate with server.

WinCVS is a GUI layer that calls CVSNT client to communicate with the
server.  The cvs or cvsnt client is what communicates with the server.  

If you have cvsservice and cvslock running then you are running cvsnt
server and you should contact the cvsnt newsgroup/mailing list:

If you need to communicate with CVS or CVSNT server then the best
technique is to do what WinCVS does - call the CVS or CVSNT client.

If you are writing a commercial application and using CVSNT then you
should join the partner programme:


Arthur Barrett

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