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RE: CVS for 64 bit Vista

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: CVS for 64 bit Vista
Date: Wed, 6 May 2009 07:48:21 +1000

> Is there a version of CVS that will run on 64 bit Vista? 

Server or client?

Most of the development of CVSNT (server and client) is done on 64 bit XP, and 
it's been tested on Vista too.  It's not a native 64 bit app though - 32 bit on 
64 bit - the only reason I know of why you'd want true 64 bit in CVSNT is to 
support committing very large files (over a few hundred MB per revision).

Contact the CVSNT newsgroup/mailing list for more information:

The company I work for is the primary supporter of the FOSS CVSNT project, and 
we also do commercial builds with the name 'CVS Suite' - we do 64 bit releases 
as customers require them, so if you really need a native 64 bit CVS Server or 
client for Vista you could talk to the sales team.


Arthur Barrett

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