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RE: solving the selective update of non-existent directories

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: solving the selective update of non-existent directories
Date: Sat, 16 May 2009 10:42:44 +1000


> > updating the entire directory dir1 or dir2? The second 
> example where you
> > want to get dir2/x/y/file1.txt seems particularly arbitrary, if your
> > sandbox is missing dir2 then surely you need ALL of dir2 (eg: if you
> Well... this assumption does not work for our flow. I do not 
> need all of 
> dir2, in fact, quite the contrary. A robot is told what new 
> files to pull 
> in, and those are the files that need to be pulled in, nothing more.

How is this communicated to the robot?  

Off the top of my head if I did need to do such a thing I'd use a tag -
then you will get the result you want because the tag will only be
applied to the files you want to update.

I mostly use CVSNT (free/GPL runs on linux just like CVS) which also has
another way of solving the issue: an automatic tag applied to every
commit (a commitid), this may also be in CVS 1.12 but I'm not sure.
Just out of curiosity I tried your first suggested command (checkout)
and it works on CVSNT - so obviously we considered that a 'bug', but I
don't know if CVS 1.x has a similar patch - again if you are using
1.11.0 it is very very old.
rmdir /s /q cvsnt

cvs -d co
U cvsnt/cvsapi/win32/FileCompat.cpp


Arthur Barrett

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