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RE: List the changes files between 2 dates on specific branch

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: List the changes files between 2 dates on specific branch
Date: Sun, 31 May 2009 17:21:05 +1000


> Please have a look this URL and let me know 

Those URL's do not appear to have any answers directly related to the
question, and neither are for any widely recognised informaiton source
on CVS or SCM in general, but they do appear to have been at least
partially written by you.

Now I think it's great you are wanting to get involved, however a more
useful response is to answer peoples questions in the thread, reference
an answer in a previous thread, or refer to a standard documentation
source like the manual:

If you think the standard CVS manual needs improving then I'm sure the
team would be happy to receive your patches to it!

> I am trying to find filter diff on basis of dates on a particular
> cvs diff  -s -rEngine-Decouple:31-mar-2009
-rEngine-Decouple:13-may-2009 orion
> or 
> cvs diff  -s -D 31-mar-2009 -D 13-may-2009 orion/
> but not getting the right o/p.Can any1 help?

What is the 'right' output and what is the output you are getting and
how are they different?

What version of CVS client are you using 1.11.22, 2.5.03?

What version of CVS server are you using 1.11.22, 2.5.03?

What operating system is your client/server (not probably relavent but
sometimes helps).



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