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RE: Block a file by Commitinfo?

From: Rez P
Subject: RE: Block a file by Commitinfo?
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 20:40:06 -0700

Thanks for your reply. I'll play around and see what I'll come up with.
> From: address@hidden
> Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 00:23:40 -0700
> To: address@hidden
> Subject: Re: Block a file by Commitinfo?
> On Jul 15, 7:40 am, Rez P <address@hidden> wrote:
> > Hello everyone
> >
> > Is there any way to prevent users or developers from uploading and checking in certain files into cvs?  I was reading the somewhat ambiguous examples on ximbiot and doesn't look I could do this.  I would like to block Windows thumbs.db and desktop.ini files from uploading to the server.
> Hello Rez,
> There are many pre-commit validations that one can think of.
> One of them is banning commit of specific files. Another is checking
> for unwanted content (e.g. -d debug flag for Perl CGI files).
> There is more than one way you can choose for doing this:
> 1) Add a line in commitinfo per each banned file
> 2) From commitinfo call a script or application with the directory
> path & name of commited file (and perhaps committed version), and let
> it do the validation. This is the method we use in Jungo.
> HTH,
> --
> Yaron Yogev
> IT Software Developer
> Jungo Software Technologies

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