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RE: commiting a sticky file

From: Risman, Mark
Subject: RE: commiting a sticky file
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 09:59:55 -0400


It looks like your RCP_5_0_1 branch is indeed off of RCP_5_0 tag. If you
look at the output from your "status" command (or a "log" command if you
were to look at that), notice where it says "branch: 1.103.2" next to
the branch name "RCP_5_0_1". The "1.103" in that spot means that the
branch is off of the RCP_5_0 tag, which currently points to 1.103.

If you look at RCP_5_0_2, you'll see "1.103..." there too; this is also
a branch from the same place.

Also note that "RCP_5_0" is indeed a tag, but not a trunk. CVS will
allow that tag to be moved to any other revision, if someone were to
tell it so. The branch is always off of a specific revision, not tag, so
these branches will be off of 1.103, regardless of what happens to the
RCP_5_0 tag.

For more information on how to interpret those revision numbers, please
see You can
change that URL to match the cvs version you have.

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Subject: Re: commiting a sticky file

i do have an RCP_5_0_1 branch. i can check out, edit and commit.
apparently i do NOT have an RCP_5_0_2 branch. so when i check THAT
out, i can't commit changes.

status on a typical file shows:

[]:/cygdrive/c/lees/dev/rcp502/rcp/src/rcp/rus: cvs status -v
| less
File:          Status: Up-to-date

   Working revision:
   Repository revision:       /home/cvs/repository/rcp/src/
   Commit Identifier:   O6D7s2oDTzFTDPUt
   Sticky Tag:          RCP_5_0_2 (revision:
   Sticky Date:         (none)
   Sticky Options:      (none)

   Existing Tags:
        RCP_5_0_2                       (revision:
        RCP_5_0_1                       (branch: 1.103.2)
        RCP_6_0_CVN                     (revision: 1.104)
        RCP_5_0                         (revision: 1.103)
        RCP_4_9_2                       (revision: 1.102)
        RCP_4_9_1                       (revision: 1.101)
        RCP_4_9_0                       (revision: 1.100)

the intention was to branch RCP_5_x off of the RCP_5_0 trunk.

i wonder how i can fix this?


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