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RE: commiting a sticky file

From: Risman, Mark
Subject: RE: commiting a sticky file
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 10:40:37 -0400

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Subject: Re: commiting a sticky file


now... RCP_5_0_1 is a branch.  what i want to do is do any further
RCP_5_0 development or bug fixes along this branch.  so after creating
the branch i did a couple of small things and tagged RCP_5_0_2.
everything is in order, but if i checkout RCP_5_0_2 the files are
sticky and cannot change.

i guess i stay in the RCP_5_0_1 branch and change/commit there.
always.   ??

the confusion comes because we used to tag a linear trunk  RCP_x_y_x.
check it out and resume editing/commiting.  YOU CANNOT DO THAT ON A
BRANCH apparently.

Risman>> I don't see why you wouldn't be able to do that. As you pointed
out below, though, once you've checked out RCP_5_0_2, you're stuck to
that tag. That means you're no longer stuck to the branch. You can't
commit to a non-branch (revision) tag because the tag already points to
a revision, so it can't also point to the new revision you check in at
the same time.

so i have  a sandbox for RCP_5_0_1 which started with the branch
RCP_5_0_1 with subsequent edits and commits and at some point a tag
(RCP_5_0_2).  then i can check that tag out, but not work on it (which
is the point of sticky tags i guess)

do i have this right yet?

however i don't think i created a tag RCP_5_0_1, which means i cannot
ever reproduce anything between RCP_5_0 and  RCP_5_0_2.  is that

Risman>> Do you mean track differences between the tags? As long as you
have the two tags, you can track the differences, though if the tags
never change then neither will the differences. Remember that if one of
the tags were a branch tag, that will move as long as new revisions are
committed to that branch.


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