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RE: commiting a sticky file

From: Risman, Mark
Subject: RE: commiting a sticky file
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2009 10:17:47 -0400

You're seeing as your working revision because that was your
working revision before you removed that branch. It looks like you
committed something onto the old branch first, though, so you might want
to see what the differences are first (you can run cvs dif -r1.6 on your
working copy to see the differences between that revision on the old
branch and what you have now on the new branch).

Also keep in mind that when you remove a branch, you'll see the branch
tag disappear but all of the revisions that were on that branch are
still there. That's (I assume) why any new branch will have its own
number, rather than reusing the number from the deleted branch.

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From: Lee Slaughter [mailto:address@hidden 
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To: Risman, Mark
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Subject: Re: commiting a sticky file

Risman, Mark wrote:

>I haven't seen all of the steps you've followed, so I don't know why
>that's not on the branch.
exactly. of course when you are panicked and tend to thrash.....

>To change this, you can remove the revision tag ("cvs tag -d ...") and
>create a new tag which is a branch tag ("cvs tag -b ...") for any such
ok, but when i removed the tag and made the branch, i hadn't removed
the RCP_5_0_2 tag first, so when i created branch it ended up with
a funny number looking like it took off from RCP_5_0_2.

so i did a $cvs tag -B -d on both the branch and revision tags.

THEN i created the branch. so now it looks ok to me:

$ cvs status -v RCP.iap_xml | less

File: RCP.iap_xml Status: Needs Merge

Working revision:
Repository revision: 1.6 
Commit Identifier: (none)
Sticky Tag: RCP_5_0_1 (branch: 1.6.4)
Sticky Date: (none)
Sticky Options: (none)

Existing Tags:
RCP_5_0_1 (branch: 1.6.4)
RCP_6_0_CVN (revision: 1.9)
RCP_5_0 (revision: 1.6)
RCP_4_9_2 (revision: 1.5)
RCP_4_9_1 (revision: 1.4)
RCP_4_9_0 (revision: 1.4)

except now it needs a merge, which isn't true since it is a config
file. so i suppose i could delete it and update -C?



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