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Re: commiting a sticky file

From: sparkylee
Subject: Re: commiting a sticky file
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2009 10:03:50 -0700 (PDT)
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i think i'll sum up what i think i've learned to put an end to this
lengthy thread. i want to
thank you, esp. Mark Risman.

the original problem is that we created a branch, a subsequent tag,
and when i checked out the
tag i couldn't commit changes because the files were sticky.

what i have deduced is that when you create a branch, you have to stay
in that branch to
do edits and commits.  then of course you can tag, but when you check
out the tag, you have
sticky files and can't commit.  so a tag of the branch creates a
static snapshot.

before, in linear development, you could check out the latest tag and
work on it. this was the big
difference for me to learn.

it helps to get to know the revision number schemes,  to understand
revision numbers and tag numbers.
and more, that is still sinking in.


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