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RE: Renaming HEAD

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Renaming HEAD
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2009 17:35:09 +1000


> Is it possible to rename HEAD (main trunk to a branch?) 
> We have our production sources in a Branch and the 
> development sources are checked into head.
> Now we want to have the production Branch to be 
> made the main trunk and move the Main trunk contents 
> to a branch.

CVS and CVSNT are both designed to perform best when the majority of
changes are closer to the TRUNK, which usually means putting the
development sources there.  This is because HEAD is the only place that
a complete revision is stored, all other revisions must be re-created
internally to the server as diff's from this one copy.

Regardless of the business reason behind this request it shows a lack of
understanding of CVS/CVSNT architecture and perhaps even some lack of
understanding of CM process design (you can implement your process
regardless of which way you draw the tree).

I know capgemeni are a large organisation, however the company I work
for has been approached by capgemeni several times regarding training
and assistance with CM process design for CVS/CVSNT and maybe now is a
good time to revisit that.  We have worked with capgemeni's European
subdivision Sogeti at CM implementations for many years.  Contact me off
the newsgroup for more information.


Arthur Barrett
Product Manager
March Hare Software

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