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Re: CVS list files in repository which are currently in checked out stat

From: Todd Denniston
Subject: Re: CVS list files in repository which are currently in checked out status
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2009 19:11:24 -0400
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Risman, Mark wrote, On 08/18/2009 11:05 AM:

You can scan the history file to see what files have ever been checked
out, but that won't tell you whether the users still have those files
that were checked out. This is because there is no opposite, or end, of
a checkout command.

Not _quite_ true.
Although you don't have to, and I most times don't, there is the cvs command:
 `cvs release  oldtree`
(or if you like getting rid of the tree if there are no _CVS_ _detectable_ differences between sandbox and tree...)
 `cvs release  -d oldtree`
which a user might use instead of `rm -r oldtree`.

the manual indicates that:
This command is meant to safely cancel the effect of ‘cvs checkout’. ...
This command checks that no uncommitted changes are present; that you are executing it from immediately above a CVS working directory; and that the repository recorded for your files is the same as the repository defined in the module database.

If all these conditions are true, ‘cvs release’ leaves a record of its execution (attesting to your intentionally abandoning your checkout) in the CVS history log.

just don't confuse it with cvs remove which has a QUITE different effect. (part of the reason I don't use release often.)

It's similar to looking at an .html web page which was looked at by a
web browser. You might have an access log on the web server that tells
when the user accessed that page, but you can't tell if they still have
it open. A CVS checkout is a bit like a download in that regard.

I agree with this analogy in the normal use case, however it does not have to 

- Mark

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Subject: CVS list files in repository which are currently in checked out

Is there a command or a way or a tools/script to list the files which
been checked out from the repository , i.e. list files which are
checked out by various users. Doing this is useful before doing a build


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