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Re: Is this the most official cvs mailing list?

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: Is this the most official cvs mailing list?
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009 18:08:59 -0600
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Arthur Barrett wrote:
> Was the marital bliss portrayed by Ray Romano in "Everybody Love
> Raymond" humorous because it was so far from our experience of family
> life or because on occasion our family lives are so close to it?

"Comedy is tragedy that happens to other people."

> The correct explanation is one or more of these reasons:
> ...
> K) The moderators carefully screen mailing list applicants - if they
> believe you may be likely to ask an innapropriate question they do not
> allow you to join/post

As one of the mailing list moderators for non-subscribers (subscribers
aren't moderated) I laughed to tears at reading that one.  I only wish
that were true!

I am compelled to add:
L) Fewer people use CVS these days now that newer version control
systems have become available and in popular use.

Note that I said "newer" not "better".  Others are certainly newer.
But that doesn't mean that each do not have their own strengths.

People attracted to bright shiney obj... (Squirrel!) ... are not as
likely to be asking questions about CVS because they are more likely
to be drawn into one of the newer ones and ask questions there.  But I
still use CVS on a regular basis and find it quite useful.

> We clearly need some topic to increase the daily message post count ;)

I am doing my part.  :-)


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