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Re: CVS list files in repository which are currently in checked out stat

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: CVS list files in repository which are currently in checked out status
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2009 07:42:34 -0700

Hi Rupa,

Rupa Bholanath Lahiri <address@hidden> writes:

> Please correct me if I am wrong, does this command list out the files
> which are locked (file locking or reserved checkouts) to allow only
> one person to edit the file at a time.

A 'cvs release' command will automagically unlock files on which you
have performed a 'cvs edit filename' operation. It will not print out
such files unless they have been modified in your working copy.

A 'cvs release' command will print out a list of modified files in your
along with a number:

$ cvs release -d mod
M foo.txt
You have [1] altered files in this repository.
Are you sure you want to release (and delete) directory `mod': 

If you say 'no', then you will get a message like

    ** `release' aborted by user choice.

and the module will not be released. If you say 'yes', then the module
will be released. The -d option will remove the local copy of the files
for you in addition to possibly updating the history file and sending
any notifications of edits you have released to any watchers of the
files you have edited.

        -- Mark

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