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Re: Is this the most official cvs mailing list?

From: Jirong Hu
Subject: Re: Is this the most official cvs mailing list?
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009 21:24:44 -0400

Thanks a lot, guys. Here I see a different culture from ClearCase forum :+)

On Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 8:08 PM, Bob Proulx <address@hidden> wrote:

> Arthur Barrett wrote:
> > Was the marital bliss portrayed by Ray Romano in "Everybody Love
> > Raymond" humorous because it was so far from our experience of family
> > life or because on occasion our family lives are so close to it?
> "Comedy is tragedy that happens to other people."
> > The correct explanation is one or more of these reasons:
> > ...
> > K) The moderators carefully screen mailing list applicants - if they
> > believe you may be likely to ask an innapropriate question they do not
> > allow you to join/post
> As one of the mailing list moderators for non-subscribers (subscribers
> aren't moderated) I laughed to tears at reading that one.  I only wish
> that were true!
> I am compelled to add:
> L) Fewer people use CVS these days now that newer version control
> systems have become available and in popular use.
> Note that I said "newer" not "better".  Others are certainly newer.
> But that doesn't mean that each do not have their own strengths.
> People attracted to bright shiney obj... (Squirrel!) ... are not as
> likely to be asking questions about CVS because they are more likely
> to be drawn into one of the newer ones and ask questions there.  But I
> still use CVS on a regular basis and find it quite useful.
> > We clearly need some topic to increase the daily message post count ;)
> I am doing my part.  :-)
> Cheers,
> Bob

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