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RE: CVS list files in repository which are currently in checked out stat

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: CVS list files in repository which are currently in checked out status
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2009 14:55:38 +1000

Hi Rupa,

> I thought any user can lock files as we do in Subversion 
> (I am familiar with Subversion but I had kind of a query for 
> CVS from a team which needed me to be clear on this)

Subversion does not provide support for a reserved versioning model, as 
explained in the svnbook for SVN 1.5:

"users to break each other's locks over the network. To do this, Sally simply 
needs to pass the --force to the svn unlock command"

If any user can unlock any file then the lock is purely advisory, or rather: 
not a lock at all but a watch (actually the Subversion programmers clearly used 
the CVSNT 'co-operative lock' mechanism as a template for implementing their 
lock, not the 'reserved' lock mechanism).  

Ie: subversion behaves just like CVS, which is understandable because their 
design goal was to rewrite CVS. 

ie: svn lock is equivalent (in business function) to cvs edit, it ADVISES other 
people that you are working on the file.

CVS, SVN, Git etc do not support workflows with a requirement for reserved 
edits.  If you have a real business reason that requires a SCCM process that in 
turn requires reserved edits then try a tool that does support it, like CVSNT 
(Free/GPL just like CVS) or ClearCase.

Note: CVS does have a 'lock' command - but it is administrative, not part of 
the non-privileged user workflow.


Arthur Barrett

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