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RE: CVS server/db doesn't keep track of where you checkout thefiles?

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: CVS server/db doesn't keep track of where you checkout thefiles?
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2009 15:08:47 +1000

Hi Bob,

>> Many version control systems (including CVS) that I have used do track
>> where working copies are.  Most do it very poorly.  
> We are talking about the history file here, right?  (me makes a pained
> face) I don't think that is what the poster was asking about!
> > To see if the CVS server is tracking working copies - use the 'cvs
> > editors' command.
> Oh, sure, the 'cvs editors' command.  I don't think that is typical or
> popular though.  I always considered that, perhaps wrongly, rather
> special purpose.

Err, well, the 'special purpose' of knowing where the checked out (edited) 
copies are...

It's been a very long time since I looked at the CVS 1.x code for this, but 
from memory it shows a lot of sign that over the years different programmers 
had quite different ideas as to what the purpose of it all was.

However more generally I was pointing out that most version control systems do 
make some attempt at tracking the working copies, including CVS.  Your 
experience (and mine) is that they do such a poor job of it that it's 
considerably easier to disregard the 'feature'.  However I think it's always 
worth remembering that technically the feature is there - or else when people 
get into 'comparisons' between CVS and ClearCase or SVN we end up with all 
these lists that show CVS doing nothing and all these other tools doing 

The facts are: that CVS does no poorer a job of it as all the others, and it 
should be credited as such.



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