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RE: Set CVS to Ignore Case as a File Difference Upon UPDATE

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Set CVS to Ignore Case as a File Difference Upon UPDATE
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2009 16:13:48 +1000


If you are using WinCVS then are you using CVS or CVSNT (NoT CVS)?

CVSNT mailing list is here:

I know we've discussed the pro's and con's of file format specific rules, but 
it is not currently available.

A workaround would be to run a code 'beautifier' before checkin so that the 
format was always consistent.

I've never seen Visual Studio or any other IDE change the contents (eg: 
UPPERCASE to TitleCase) any file ever without specific user intervention (or a 
preference), but VB6 was a long time ago (though I still fire up VS6 for old VB 
projects once a month or so).

>From most SCM tools view any change is a change - changing a space to a tab is 
>a change.  Now a space vs tab between function calls in a c/c++ program may 
>make no difference, but a space vs. a tab in a string which is printed to a 
>pipe is different again.  This sort of intelligence would require diff/cvs to 
>know intimate details about the format/content of the file.

In CVS 1.12 it gets even more difficult because of the checksums - two 
'identical' files in your scenario would have different checksums..


Arthur Barrett

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Subject:        Set CVS to Ignore Case as a File Difference Upon UPDATE

I am trying to use CVS (specifically WinCVS) to manage a VB6 project.
VB6 has the annoying problem of changing the case of variables across
many files without warning.  This leads to many files being out of
sync with CVS when the only difference is the case of variable names.

I know that the cvs diff function can be set to ignore case and white
space changes.  However, this doesn't really help when I cannot set
cvs update to ignore the same things.

What am I missing?  Does CVS support ignoring case-only changes in


-- Gary

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