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RE: dos2unix file endings

From: Rez P
Subject: RE: dos2unix file endings
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2009 14:54:48 -0800

Thanks for your help and suggestions Jim.  Since I check out from cvs and do my 
builds with Ant. I found the quickest solution through Ant by using: <fixcrlf 
srcdir="scripts" includes="**/*.sh, **/*.sql, **/*.conf" eol="lf" eof="remove" 
/>.  It's a roundabout way to check out the files to windows machine from the 
linux server and then turn around and ship them back and deploy them on a linux 
server.  Unfortunately the users on the production servers don't have access to 
the cvs linux server and I have to package and deliver the files.  


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> Subject: Re: dos2unix file endings
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> Rez P wrote:
> > Thanks for your thorough reply Spiro. I suspected that they were
> > ending up with the correct file endings on each environment
> > respectively and that the wincvs client was converting them. So it
> > looks like once I check them out, I have to run dos2unix on them and
> > tar them up and ship them back to our application servers. thanks
> > again.
> Hang on a sec - your original message didn't mention anything about tar.
> Is this something you do already, or something you're going to add into
> the mix? Can your application server check the files out directly, or
> run a commit script on the CVS server that'll tar and upload the files?
> That would save having to convert the line endings.
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